I Am Responsible for my Life

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I Am Responsible for my Life We need to admit that we are responsible for our lives.  We have to stop blaming others for our experience. We have to grasp the fact that we have so much work to do. … Continued

My Soul is Fearless

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I find myself afraid of my creative soul sometimes. It wants to do what I am afraid of trying. I talk to my soul to find out what direction to go in and it points towards the unexpected. The dreams … Continued

I Am Not A Hypocrite

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I have not written in a while. I am not a hypocrite. I would not feel right if I posted something to try and encourage all of you when I feel like shit and am going against all my own … Continued

Stress and your Imagination

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Stress and Your Imagination.  Sometimes the thought of an event or situation happening can be enough to give you a heart attack. I know there have been many situations in my life where I got myself all worked up for … Continued

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