How to be Happy – Get Back on Track

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I hope all of you are doing well that are reading this post. I have not posted here since last October. I have been active on other social media sites like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, You Tube and a couple of others. I have been mainly making picture/quote posting and videos. I enjoy writing most of all. I chose for the time being to make quick posts and videos. I felt at the time that expressing myself through live videos was free flowing and spontaneous.

I realized through the process of conquering my little anxiety, actually a fear of recording myself, was a process I needed to go through. I am very comfortable now recording myself. As I was going through that process I also realized another thing…. My writing was just as if not equally or more important. At times through this process I would look at my writing as an alternate mode of expressing my thoughts and quickly dismissed it as taking too much thought process and I could not make enough time for it. I started to build up a fear of writing like I did my recording videos. I started to believe that my writing was not good enough because of my perception that I did not have enough viewers or subscribers to read my website.

I was believing a false thought that because I see the amount of followers on the other social media sites so I figured it justified my perception that writing in the website was a waste of time and I was ready to delete the website.

Here is the truth. I believed that I needed to write better, and did not have time to improve. The reason to write better was all vain, I wanted more followers. It started to turn into me wanting to be popular and not about helping “one” person if that is all I accomplished with these efforts. That one person didn’t seem as important as me being recognized by the masses. That is a bullshit belief. Not that I was wholeheartedly believing that, but it did cross my mind a little bit.

Here I am. I love my writing. I don’t really give a rats ass about impressing anyone, but I do give a shit about impressing on you my thoughts and heartfelt writing expressing how I feel happiness needs to be a part of our lives in order to flourish in this lifetime. We need it more if not as equally as oxygen to breathe.

I have set up several ways to post and express myself here. I will be posting directly from my phone, and or sending picture quotes that I post on my social media sites. I will be also posting the videos. I hope all of you reading this will share my information to your friends and loved ones. I actually do not have an agenda to fulfill some kind of self glorification or otherwise…. I truly just want to share my soul.

Thank You if you are a regular, I appreciate you if you are a first time reader. I have links to a couple of my social media sites that you can follow and see all my other activities all directly related to happiness and not any other thing. I will not be spamming you. The only thing I offer is myself. My Love.

Let me know what you think!