A Strategy for Happiness

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A Strategy for Happiness

We think that happy people and unhappy people are born that way… Both will do and live in a way that strengthen those mindsets. Happy people will continue to enjoy the mindset that helps them thrive and enjoy life. Unhappy people will continue to think negatively and self-destruct doing and accepting things to upset them.

How does a successful business operate? They have a plan and purpose for their business. They have defined their purpose and created a strategy to accomplish that purpose. The same approach can be used by people in their daily lives. Define what it is you want and create a strategy to attain it.

When a business has a planned strategy they have a buy in from their employees, they are passionate about the purpose. Everything they do in their daily operation is geared towards taking strides towards attaining the goal. Every challenging moment in the business is just another experience as a lesson to gain knowledge for improvement. All of the decisions are measured and recorded to teach the employees that the failure is a steppingstone towards success. In order to succeed you have to know what failure is. I say again…. In order to appreciate the successes you have to know what it feels like to fail.

On a personal perspective you have to have a life purpose and passion. Waking up every day knowing that you are passionate about something and you will do anything to get there. The first task involved in getting there is the mindset you will adopt daily. A true positive mindset is key in every success. To be happy every day with a purpose is so important. It gives you sustainability and strength. Nothing will get in your way. The energy you will need to fulfill your purpose is the passion you have. Life is full of experience. You cannot control what is externally influencing you on a daily basis. What you can control is the perception you have towards it.

We have to take a student’s mindset in life. We will take tests and fail but we get a chance to study more and the next day take a retake and pass. IF we wake the next day we will take into the new day the experience we need to succeed. The mindset we need to have every day is that we have a new day when we wake a new.

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