Depression Denial Treatment

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Depression Denial Treatment

I have always been committed to helping people at a very young age. I always had an empathetic heart towards my fellow human being. Whenever I would come across a difficult situation with someone and an argument was surely imminent, I labored over the thought that the person I was about to have discourse over was going to have a negative feeling towards me after. I still feel that the only difference Is I know in my heart and soul that I cannot control the outcome I can only influence and come to a reality that my perception of the situation is going to dictate my outcome not the other party.

In my quiet time I will reflect often about all the people in my life I have had a relationship whether it be personal or work. I am cognizant of the fact that I have not always been a positive influence nor a generally nice person towards others at times in my experience. I made the decision to take a certain path in my life and I take full responsibility for the outcome. At times it was very painful when I knew there was impending hardship in my life and a relationship or relationships would be affected by my actions. I had no other choice but to harden my heart at that moment and move forward and away. Could there have been another avenue of thought or path to take? Certainly but in retrospect I could not have done things any other way at the moment. I only knew what I knew at the time. We can only work with what we bring to our conscious thought.

We have a tendency to hide behind our own truths, we do not choose to face the truths rather dwell in the pain and wallow in our self-pity that we are in that state of mind and we feel as if though there is no other way to think. Many of us are self-destructive when we are in a negative state of mind, not knowing is not as bad as knowing. Knowing that we are in the state of mind, having options to release that pain and yet deciding to remain in that mindset might seem ludicrous but it is actually a safe place for most. We teeter between insanity and sanity on a daily basis. Knowing that our destiny is for our bodies to one day shut down and expire can drive a person insane. Our sadness about that impending outcome sets in a fear. We fear the reality that we will one day cease to exist on this earth. Most people let that fear consume them. This fear cannot be quenched if not faced head on. We try and pretend it is not there and numb it by outer stimulation or distractions. We are in denial. We are denial that we are in a depressed state of mind. We look for new ways to hide and mask that fear we drive ourselves to many different outlets for this pain.


It is a choice in the beginning to administer different ways to distract ourselves. We become accustomed to this way of thinking and eventually it becomes a routine in our lives. We condition ourselves to believe a certain way and it truly becomes our mindset. When we are approached by loved ones that want to make light of this destructive nature we lash out and deny there is anything wrong with us. We tell everyone we are feeling great and our actions say the opposite. It is obvious, everyone sees it. Our actions will cause pain for our loved ones and yet we are still in denial. We feel that everything we do is justified and that we are being attacked. We do not see that our actions are self-destructive.

How do we stop? How does our mindset change? How can we be convinced when we are closed to any and all reasoning? We can be in denial so much so that we do not believe that anything is wrong with us. If you are dealing with a loved one that fits this description you need to be aware that most times they are not self-aware. They need to be loved and listened to. They will eventually open up if you support them. There are severe cases where clinical depression is caused by physiological changes in the brain that will need medication to reverse this damage or condition along with therapy. I have described what you can do as a concerned party to alleviate or be supportive through this journey someone you love is on.

All we can do is love and support one another through our lives. Most if not all of the current depression and anxiety related conditions are treatable at all levels. We need to be aware of this so that if you know someone that is going through this you can help in some way. Or you can bring attention and awareness to them to get help. I was not aware that I was suffering from depression… I did not listen to people around me. I did not want to believe that something was wrong with me. I was in denial. I finally took a good look at myself because someone dear to me took a calm loving approach and made light of my situation, I listened and sought help.

I hope this in some way helped. I only write from the heart and in layman’s terms. I am not a professional nor do I claim my opinions are based out of a proven system of mine. I gather my thoughts and experiences and express my love and concern for this serious condition that I overcame with the love and support of others. I hope you can do the same if you are indeed in the same situation.

All my Love and Peace to all of You!

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