Difficult People You Can’t Avoid

Difficult People You Can’t Avoid

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Here is a good topic. Difficult people you cannot avoid or get away from…  Is that completely true. Can we be in a situation where we cannot avoid or get away from someone? There are a few situations wheren you cannot avoid….. I will not sit here listing all of the situations. You know what they are. I experience all the time at many different levels in my life and I am sure you do too. sometimes I fall asleep in my understandings and teachings and fall prey to that stress. I create my own stress and start to believe the lies.

I deal with people with love. I love people regardless. I am very honest about the way I feel and do not mind sharing those feelings. I need to. Too many years I kept quiet because of fear or intimidation from the other that I would stay quiet. I refuse to stay quiet. I pick my battles and when I am sure what and when to say it I say it. Every once in a while I resist the urge to talk because I know it will cause pain to quite a few people.sometimes I put my foot in my mouth knowing I am going to learn a hard lesson and still remain focus and intent on making my point and waste precious moments with that ONE person that you will never win with. And when it is over I am happy I went through it as an experience to teach me. Grrrrrrr. It takes courage to admit our errors. Nothing and no one should have that power over us . We are a magnificent species that have inherent power. We do not use it because most people do not have an inkling of an idea that THEY exist in that way.

The power starts with love. We love everyone and that person that gets under your skin has no power over you. Don’t let them win. In reality most of those people do not have a clue they are upsetting you. So why are you wasting time?

I love you

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  1. I love you too cousin, I’m learning that picking battles and apologizing sincerely(when I know I’m in the wrong) is better than holding onto being “right” being happy for me is enjoying life. It’s too short to be caught up in petty squabbles.

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