Emotions are not just feelings

Emotions are not just feelings

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I often write of the perception we have in our
lives. I believe that we have a choice to observe and decide whether it is a
positive or a negative experience. We have the ability to create that emotion
on the fly. This emotion that we create can affect our health and or wellbeing.
This random choice we have can affect others around us. It is random because we
change into any state of mind at any given time.

Changing from one extreme to another is destructive
to our psyche. We take our bodies through highs and lows and extreme emotions.
These emotions are very powerful. Emotions are not just feelings, emotions are
energy that is created or re-directed and transformed into a physical property.
Emotions are energy, energy is a physical property. Our cells are comprised of
energy. Therefore our emotions are intertwined to our physical make up. Our
emotions and bodies are one in the same not a separate entity or thing.  

In order for us to stay healthy and have a clear
mind we need to regulate this creation of energy in our emotional states of
mind. If we are constantly looking positive energy, which is positive emotions
we will be at peace with ourselves and our energy will be a healing energy.
Positive emotions trigger healing and produce positive processes to be started
in our bodies. We are able to focus because we are in a calm state of mind.

When we create a negative emotional state of mind
our bodies are stressed out the majority of the time. We are burdening our
bodies with chasing the bus. We are always trying to catch something. In
essence we are running a marathon listening to a voice in our earphones telling
us we aren’t good enough, we are slow, out of shape, we are going to fail and

Every morning we should be waking up smiling and
looking at what the day will bring us. When we wake every day we should be
contemplating how we are going to be happy in any situation. I share with
people on a daily basis that they have the ability to decide happiness and joy
with the power within that realm of thought to heal themselves. The majority of
people tell me that it is a new age thought or religious believes. They are not
religious nor do they believe in any philosophy of ideas where there is no
scientific proof. They believe my way of thinking is just hocus pocus.

What I teach is science based. Changing your
mindset. Creating thought and treating it as you are creating a physical
manifestation of something out of energy. Energy IS a physical property. That
is science. It is not just an emotion or thought. It is a thought and an
emotion but yet it is also a “thing” we create.

Be aware of what you are thinking today. Be aware of
what you are creating today. You have control of that process. You are in
control of your emotional state of mind. Change it. NOW! Hurry! 

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    You are so right my friend. Each day, my work takes me to people who are in dark places. I act as a catalyst sometimes empowering them to change their inner thoughts into positive ones, by taking charge of themselves emotionally, and refusing to be defeated spiritually- usually when the smoke clears, the solutions have been there all the time, they just cannot see them. It is like trying to light a fire in the rain with a flint and steel. There is a process to follow, you must first lay the foundation of tinder (positive thought, and the heart of a fire- your soul. ) in such a way that when you strike the flint with steel, it sparks and ignites the tinder (the heart), you add more tinder (positive thoughts) and the flame grows and warms you (happiness) and the more you feed it the brighter it burns, the less you feed it, the more it dwindles and turns cold. Keep Feeding the fire Bro- and keep up the good work ! Robert Lee Moultrie- (Cu Z)

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