My Journey to the SIMPLICITY of Happiness

I have a passion for helping people who are suffering from the fears in their awakening consciousness that keeps them from being happy in life. I have personally dealt with depression on and off for most of my adult life. I knew at a very young age I was blessed with the capacity to love unconditionally.  I always saw the good in people. I Love all people from all walks of life, and always crying for humanity to love more.

Proudly served in the United States Marine Corps and visited the world experiencing all the beauty and ugliness that the world had to offer. Proud of my service as an associate Pastor in a very urban grass roots small church in Southern California at a very young age of 26. I enjoyed a 20 year career in Management, Sales and Consulting in the Steel Industry taking pride in being a motivator and bridge builder among people. I was the employees’ manager and the best asset for a company when it came to rallying the troops for productivity to help the company grow and thrive for the benefit of all.

After a long career I decided to tackle my dreams and overcome the fears that held me back from helping more people. I walked away from my career temporarily to pursue studying, research and preparing for the rest of life helping people and healing lives. I am a better person for it.

One of my biggest accomplishments was I was self-made. I take my life, and professional experience and use it to connect with people at a very organic level. I take every individual I help and dig into their life in a very intimate way.  Teaching one discipline and one philosophy, Happiness. With a very simple approach, I teach people that happiness is a basic and simple idea anyone can decide to experience. The core and basis for solving all problems and issues starts with the acceptance of their correct reality and then the decision to be happy. The work is where I come in to teach and guide. I challenge and push you to CONTINUE to be happy. I put everyone through a process of which you will be addicted to happiness when you are done.

Why Do I Help People?

Because I Love People

I help people in a very scientific and spiritual way. It has been proven that we are all connected and influence each other at a very metaphysical level. We are able to influence each other to heal and FEEL better. We are able to project our healing energy outwardly. Through Love and Compassion we can approach and bring out the Happiness in one another. We can set into motion the healing chemical reactions from this process.

I want to teach people happiness because the body heals when in a positive state of mind. The mind finds answers to ones problems because it is not cluttered and crowded with abstract thoughts and able to find solutions.

If you are interested in contacting me for a free introductory discussion of where you are in life please contact me right away!