How to be Happy – Change 

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If you want to live your life as you are now don’t change a thing. I am sure you are happy with your life and it is fulfilling. If that is you then do not continue to read. 

The first thing you need to do in order to make a drastic change in your life is to decide on one thing……. decide to be happy. I am sure most people reading this statement think it is easier said than too be done. Yes that is true. But weightlifting to change the aesthetics of our body takes time to see results. It takes hard work and some sacrifice. The only sacrifice you have to endure is the fear you have in your mind to start. 

Making a decision to be Happy is courageous. Accepting that your fear is there, accepting who you truly are at the present moment and then having gratitude for everything you have. You have a chance to start over. You woke up with another opportunity to change and be someone different. Why would you be afraid of that? 

Ultimately we have total control of our perception of the present moment we are in. We can either accept it as what we have made ourselves to be up until his point and going forward it is time to work on change……. or we continue the same with the awareness we could have changed but thought it was too much work and or afraid of the new unknown journey it would take you on. 

The decision is yours. 

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