How to be Happy – Die Trying

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How to be Happy – Don’t Give Up

I write in my blog once every so often because I am constantly posting my thoughts and discussions on Instagram, Facebook and when I feel like it on Twitter. You can find my social media here….

I hope you have a chance to visit my sites for more information. I love reaching out to people who are looking for answers as to how to be happy and or learn. As we go through our daily lives experiencing the different emotions we go through….. we sometimes lose sight of our delicate state of mind. It is always a balance between standing on the edge of a cliff or walking across the bridge. We do not realize that we must trust our heart and soul to guide us. Jumping off a cliff trusting that the safety net will always be there or we grow wings, or deciding to walk across with the knowledge and trusting in the process.
Working hard in the process to give ourselves a chance to live a quality life is a commitment we should all try and pursue. A quality life is only achieved through a happiness mindset. We must have clarity to learn happiness. Clarity is only achieved through changing your toxic mindset.
The 6 steps we need to take are so easy to identify the process is like preparing for an Ironman Marathon.

Steps to Happiness:
• Acceptance
• Perception
• Clarity
• Learning
• Practice
• Teach

I use these steps in the philosophy I teach. It is very basic in premise but the work must be put in. It is a very simple process but just like training for a marathon….. the steps are simple but the training is rigorous. You can continue to take the easy road to the end of your life and continue to suffer with the perceptions you currently live in or you can train hard for a brief time and have the rest of your life to enjoy your new state of mind.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more. I would be willing to give you the first week as a gift. Most people I work with just need a week. Fear is always one of the things we bring up when working through this process…… if you are afraid to ask me for help you have identified the first thing to work through!

Hope to hear from you soon.

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