How to be Happy – Dig Deep

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When it gets rough dig deep.

When i teach people about happiness and work with them I am not instigating every interaction with them. I tell them from the beginning, I do this for free and because I am passionate about getting the best out of them. I feel if you want to put In The work to strive to be better you have to WANT to. If you are coming to me I am the last resort. Someone has led you to me or you have come across my content and have no where else to go.

Step one. Acceptance. From this point forward you have acknowledge the state of mind you are In. You have accepted everything about yourself because of that state of mind.

Step two. Perception. You have to work towards changing your perception about who you are and how you see yourself. (Same thing). This is Work. I am not going to hold your hand nor enable you. I am not going to call you 5 times a day because you ignore me. It is up to you at this point.

Step 3,4 and 5 are a long way off. If you want to know how to be happy and stop with the bullshit excuses contact me. I would love to help. Let’s face this together. Life is passing you by.

Be careful by the time you decide I might be right it might be too late I’ll be dead.

You have to dig deep cutting through all the crap in order to find yourself.

Let me know what you think!