How to be Happy – Have Faith 

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Our lives are so delicate. Yet we are so powerful. We have the capacity to achieve anything we think. Faith is the key. 

We blame others when we fail in achieving what we want. We want the approval and the validation from external instead of being happy with our little improvements towards our goals. We are so judgmental when it comes to our lives. The criticisms of others are baseless yet we take them to heart as if the person criticizing was a judge and jury. 

Story. A girls color guard team had been preparing for competition upcoming. They were excited and felt they were really doing well. Confidence in their routine was high. Their coach got them together to speak to them the final week leading up. In the meeting he told the team that it will be a long trip for the competition, don’t get your hopes up because there is. I way we will place anyway. We are going for fun. But in all reality the competition is a lost cause. 

What??!!! Is this what we tell our children these days? I hope that is not what is being told to are young men in battle, ” oh by the way we are going against the enemy but we are all going to die or be caught. There is no way we will survive they are superior. Nice knowing you thank you very much goodbye! 

We can achieve anything we think. Faith

The girls lost and in last place because they were very down and sad that the coach did not have confidence in them and felt that they wasted their time. 

We are failures in our own mind. We are successful when we change our negative mindset to that of a positive one, not just changing the thoughts but the HABIT of feeling, hoping, and expecting the worse in the outcome. 

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