How to be Happy – Lead by Example

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When we get a job we are excited to start the first day. We are happy that we landed the job we were trying so hard to attain. We start our first day with dreams of success and growth. We do our very best to be a quality employee contributing so that we can move up based on our merit.

For some people this dream and hope is crushed by one person…. The boss. This boss can be a direct supervisor or manager. A team leader or senior worker in a certain department. Upper Management doesn’t see the problem. They usually are oblivious to the problem. The person in charge is trusted with the care of the department and more than likely gives their direct report a sense that everything is under control. The person being harassed or treated unfairly usually does not say anything because of the backlash. So they continue to arrive every day in a state of mind of necessity. They have to keep the job so they keep their mouth shut.

To me this is disgusting. Why is this behavior tolerated? IF you are in Management and you have a peer or co-worker on your team mistreating his employees and taking advantage of their position and you are staying quiet you are just like that person. You are allowing this behavior to continue. You are contributing to a growing culture of intimidation and bullying in the work place. Speak up. People have a right to go to work happy.

Leadership is by example. The culture changes when the employee is treated with dignity and respect and a reciprocation occurs organically.

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