How to be Happy – Take a Shower

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If you want to be Happy you have to take a shower every morning. You have to shower yourself with Love. When you start your day you have to have gratitude for waking up and everything you are and have at that moment. We are so fortunate to be. If you are reading this, and you have a choice what to put in your mind you have a certain level of freedom that alot of people on this earth do not have. Be thankful for the freedom to express and appreciate. 

We are so selfish we think of our own pain. Our perception of pain is trivial as compared to that of a homeless person or child. Our pain is of a material nature. We long for things we don’t have. Some people have the pain in their belly of not eating for weeks at a time. We need to have gratitude and behave like we are thankful. Be thankful. 

Does his make you angry? Don’t read this blog. Don’t love unconditionally and give your heart to your fellow man. Continue on your destructive path of self pity and selfish adoration of your materialistic needs. 

If you want to change? Change! Love your neighbor, forgive and love a relative you THINK you have a reason enough to be mad at. Smile at a stranger. Give to a charity. If you are addicted to social media and the drama, post positive messages everyday and tell people how awesome they are when they post about how they are hurting instead of poking fun and demolishing their self esteem. Most people on social media these days just read and are hoping to find something to stimulate them in a positive way. 

Are you getting the message yet? Take a shower everyday in love. Start your day by smiling at the beautiful person in the mirror. 

Let me know what you think!