How to be Happy – The End

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I’m tired. I am exhausted. I am numb. As I reflect on my life I contemplate my next move. We are living in an unpredictable age. A time where life is not cherished like before. Children become independent thinkers and innocence is lost before puberty. Parents do not value the lives of their children. The family structure has dissipated into an old way of thinking. Gone are the days of love and compassion. We are in an age of the rebirth of anarchy. 

This is overwhelming. My head is full of hysteria. My heart is a wrench. The pressure is heavy. Hope is a strange word. Love is a failing memory. 

As I contemplate my mortality I flash the most beautiful memories of my children. The happy times. The laughing and crying. I lament the loss of time. My grandchildrens unconditional love for their papa. If I could only hold on to their memory before it slips away into the reality that life has consumed the innocence of my children. 

My ego has taken me over angry that I am so jealous of life. Life has taken hold of my children and their sight is no longer filtered through me. I am low an afterthought. I am left with memories. I am left with residue. I am but a left over whithering away. 

Go away my pain. Flee from my heart. Make me light. I want to float in love again. 

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