How to Live Fearlessly

How to Live Fearlessly

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Why don’t we live fearlessly? As I look back at my life I realize my experiences were created by me. At some point or another I set into motion a chain of events that were directly responsible for something happening to me. I was recounting this notion I had for many years that every new car I purchased was always christened with an accident within the first year. That is exactly what was happening. For quite a few years every new car I purchased ended up having an accident whether it be small or substantial. As I looked back at the first incident I realized that I immediately thought it bad luck when I was in my first accident after which I began to worry about being in a car accident. I worried so much that when I purchased my first new vehicle, I was paranoid about getting in an accident with my new car! I did!

Every flu season I worried about getting sick like everyone else. I dreaded having the nasal thing, the stomach thing, the everything! And what do you know I got sick! It’s like if my body had accepted the inevitable, agreed, complied and gave in.

In my career I worried always about business being so slow that I would be laid off from a company that never laid off in my position. I was laid off. I started to notice a trend in my thinking. At the time I did not know what it was. I had not been introduced into this way of thinking nor the science. I just knew I always received what I asked for. I started to think I was psychic! How funny is that? What I did not realize is that we all have this innate intuitive ability. We have the ability to create our experience. I was creating all this negativity in my life because I was worried about the worst case scenarios happening to me.

I have mentioned in my writings that I have suffered from depression. For the most part I have been free from that. I know it is a medical condition and I cannot do anything about it. I know it exists and will continue to exist if I do not do anything about it. I do not believe in taking medications for it and I have been criticized for sharing my thoughts on the way I believe depression can be dealt with. I truly feel if someone works towards changing their mindset anything is possible. We capable of so much. We can achieve miracles in our life. We have the capacity to heal ourselves. The majority of the world’s population does not know how to do this. We are conditioned to accept less than what we really are.

I see and hear so many people complain about how they have wasted their lives making mistakes and how they could have done things differently. I had the same philosophy. I realized that I have spent the last 50 years of my life learning who I am. No I am hurrying up to learn how to be courageous enough to live the life of the person that I truly am. I did not know how to live fearlessly.

I dream big. I have visions of myself being this bigger than life person being able to live fearlessly. At first I thought it was a fantasy that I could ever become this giant bigger than life person. As I started to explore this reality that is played out in my mind I began to accept how possible this person is if I just live my life without fear. Most of us try to live our life comfortable with no risk. We are so used to avoiding confrontation in our lives. Not the confrontation of violence, to live fearlessly is confrontational at its core.

Living fearlessly is living life listening to your passion. Working outside of the parameters doing something you love and enjoy life while doing it. That in itself is a risk worth taking….. Isn’t it? Think of your passion. If you can live doing what you love the rest of your life would it be worth a sacrifice of working your butt off to making it work? Where there is a will there is a way! Make it happen. Dream! Imagine yourself already doing it and believe in it with all your heart! Condition yourself into seeing that image every day. Don’t worry about how, Live Fearlessly!

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