I Am Better Than You! Stay Away!

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I Am Better than You! Stay Away!!!
I am always being followed from place to place by this thing that lingers. It curses me at every turn and make fun of me every chance it gets. I am always arguing with it. I wish it would go away. I turn the corner and it is looking at me laughing at me because I can never run or move far enough to get away from it. The other day I was happy minding my own business and out of the blue it pops up and says hello. I was so upset because it came at the most inopportune moment. At that moment my life changed and I am now headed in a different direction. I am still happy but in a different direction!
I have a great plan and have all the answers and there it is glaring at me with its devious eyes. It is a disgusting looking thing. I don’t know how to explain it. It has no scent, it doesn’t look ugly nor does it look appealing. It is there. It knows how to use that transparency to hide. I cannot describe the impact it has on me when it decides to penetrate my being and change everything for that moment. I try to talk myself out of acknowledging its presence…but it is always there. It does not even touch me. I can be doing great and have success and it decides to walk in my space and I immediately doubt myself and I begin to fail. I begin to go against everything I am confident about. In truth it is very subtle. It makes small comments. It doesn’t even yell at me. It speaks under its breath. It is very quiet. But what it says is very impactful… I cannot stress how profound the language it uses. It is very convincing. All it does is plants a little seed in my head and that is enough for me to magnify the comment or thought a billion times. And then I duplicate it a trillion times in my mind. Literally a trillion times in my mind.
This stupid thing is very intelligent. It uses a little trick in our minds. It embeds itself inside our thoughts and at the most opportune moment it plants a little thought and we began to believe this thought and our “imagination” creates multiple scenarios for this little idea to become true. Then our physical bodies react to this belief that was created as an idea. And now our imagination is bringing forth an idea that becomes a truth. Redundant? Yes. This thing works on redundancies. Because we believe it as such and it will become. We believe it so passionately that it is so and our mind is focused on the idea.
We lose. Fear Wins. Fear is the beginning of the end. Fear has no friends. Fear is not negotiable. Fear creates stress. Fear creates negative momentum. When we doubt ourselves and build on that doubt the game is over, FEAR has kryptonite. LOVE and Happiness is Kryptonite to Fear. Love others unconditionally and be Happy. Happiness comes from Love. The two are hand in hand. Love yourself first. First and foremost look in the mirror and see you for who you are and accept that being and Love who you are immediately. Build amazing dreams based on who you are and your purpose. When Fear creeps its little head LOVE yourself and do not believe the lies. Use statements that start with I Am! I Am powerful. I am Beautiful. I Am Worth. I am amazing. I am a wonderful father. I am a wonderful wife. I am a wonderful employee. I am a talented musician. I am an inspiration to others. I am what I am and I love myself for who I am. Use the “I AM” and “I LOVE” to fight off fear. Fear uses I am NOT as a weapon. If you believe you are not you will lose.

I Am an Amazing Contributor to Humanity because I am Happy and I want others to be Happy.

I Love You!

Becareful what you attach to you “I Am”. It has the power to limit you or free you!

When you have time watch this YouTube Video series. “The Power of I Am” Video Series.

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  1. Hello, good morning happy Danny!!! 🙂 hope your day is going wonderful! Thank you for the newly published blog! I can identify myself with it. I had been feeling like that since last Friday night. it was was something that was just killing me! like your blog says, we let fear conquer us constantly! your mind starts believing things that are probably not even there. i finally had the guts to talk to my husband about what was bugging me (the fear I had) and it just caused for us to have an argument that caused us to stop speaking to each other for 1 day! Maybe I’m wrong for thinking and feeling the way I do after having really tough problems that almost caused our divorce. We’ve been good lately but there is times that FEAR enters my thoughts and feelings and tries to make everything bad again. I leave everything in God’s hands and try to be as calm and happy and content as I possibly can. And yes, I should use the I AM!! I love that!! I don’t think I have used it before! I AM SPECIAL! I AM A GREAT WIFE! I AM AN AMAZING MOM! I AM AN EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE! I AM BEAUTIFUL! I AM WORTH A LOT! I AM SMART! ETC……WOW!!!! that feels awesome!!!!!
    Thanks a billion Danny!!!! and God bless! Hope you have an amazing day! 🙂

    • It is in Gods hands. We have to remember that in-spite of what our loved ones sometimes do. Remember if we operate in Love all of the decisions other make around us do not waver our faith in our Love. Faith in our Joy. Because Joy and Love come from the creator. That is his way of showing us the presence of God in our lives. God has manifested in so many ways to teach humanity but humanity is so sad and unhappy that it continues to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. We are God because God resides in us through Love and Joy. We have the power God has and that is to Love. Hold on to that! I am Love and Happiness Always.

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