I am happy … but

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I am happy but …… I don’t know what to do.Does this resonate with you? Are you happy and do not know what to do next? Everyday you wake up knowing what your passion is and yet still live in a fear of trying that which would give you fulfillment? We all have something we would love to do everyday for the rest of our lives. We live in a self insecure state of mind because it seems outside of our belief that we can do that thing. 

How do we get past the fear of living our passion? We can sit and work on convincing ourselves every day and struggle with that idea. I myself struggle with possibilities we are capable of and infinite number of possibilities we just have to believe we are able. 

Sincerely all we have to do is believe and truly see ourselves in that state. It is that easy? No of course not it takes hard work in thought first. Belief and faith takes courage and effort. You have to learn to change a perception that has taken a lifetime to develop. 

How do we begin? We are already happy. That is the first step. How can you let that happiness manifest your dreams? If you are truly happy and have that confidence that no matter what happens in life you always feel that sense of security from your joy on a daily basis then you have what it takes to manifest your passion and dream. 

If you are happy you have nothing to lose. If you are truly happy with yourself and your being …. adding your passion or heading towards attaining that and taking on the journey is just another experience. Pass or fail is not a choice. You are already successful because you are happy. Whether you achieve living your passion or not you will always be Happy right? So what have you got to lose?! Figure it out and do what you love! 

Let me know what you think!