In a Fog

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I am very happy and appreciative about life. I have chosen to be happy. I make all the positive choices in my perceptive state of mind. I accept happiness as my norm. I fight to defy any and all circumstances as negative. I realize that all is for the good of our journey and all experiences are building blocks for something bigger than us. We are all connected and affect one another. We are love manifested in the flesh.


Why then do I feel like shit sometimes? Why do I feel tired emotionally? How can I rationalize feeling depressed and angry at myself? If I am so “happy” how can I express such joyful advice when I cannot look in the mirror and honestly feel like I am practicing what I am teaching?

We are a human species. Is that a default excuse for humanity? A constant barrage of environmental influences and pressures teach us from a nubile state. We are impressionable. We are naive. We also have the power within us to overcome. The only way we overcome and tap in to that power is to love and value ourselves. We need to be accountable for one another. Our answer is always love.  We need to clear the fog. If the fog is too thick we need to take careful steps forward. Slow down. Change your perceptions. Forgive yourself.


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