Is there God?

Is there God?

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If someone proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no God or that our life was not created intentionally…what would you do for those of you that believe? Would you live your life any different? Would you love less or love more?  Knowing that when you die there is nothingness. There is the absence of you. You will have been but a vapor once here and dissipated into nothing. Is that factual that we are nothing? Can someone explain this death theory and what happens to our energy that holds together the atoms we are composed of?

What would you do?

That question has been asked for many upon many years. Science has tried to change prove, disprove and approve the disapprove to prove…. It is a big circle. What is the real answer to the riddle of life? Is there proof that we exist beyond our lifeless bodies? Is there a theory that someone can actually prove scientifically that we are real and not just a story once we take our last breath?….


Let’s break it down. Why do religious groups have war? Do atheists and non-believers kill others in the name of nothingness? Do non-believers have the courage to end their lives to make a statement to the world knowing that their existence is over when they blow themselves up? What drives a man of peace and love to be a martyr for their religion? If they are a person of peace what does killing have to do with peace? Don’t give me that bullshit answer for the greater good! If religion is there to help and minister to people Gods love and protect why are children being molested?

If a man standing in front of a crowd really cares about his people why does he put them down for being poor because they cannot contribute their last dollar? Am I missing something here? If I do not show up I get criticized, if I show up wearing the wrong outfit I get scolded and chased out. If I show up I don’t feel loved. Why then would I join a family of hypocrites? Pornography gives me love. Alcohol and Drugs calm me down. Gangs give me encouragement and protection.

The only judge in my life is myself in a dark room by myself when I try and meditate on who and what I am. The dark voice inside my head. What is that voice? Do we have an inner voice that knows right from wrong? DO we hold a special gift we do not know about? Why do we have intuition? Where did that come from? Explain that one to me religion and science…. Why is it when experience the in-explainable and when we go to the “correct” people to explain they tell you to have faith and to not question the things of God. Is that who God is? What if there was no God and we have all these wonderful gifts, and abilities, and all these amazing things we are capable of experiencing… We know we are powerful beings….. I know….it is the aliens… They inbred with us therefore we hold special gifts. Is that God? The aliens?

If there is nothingness after this something we are experiencing then why do I see visions of tomorrow? Why do people clearly see “things” that are moving and yet have nothing about them you can touch? What is that and where does it come from? The devil? I thought the devil wasn’t real?


Is there God? Where is he? Why are we afraid of him? If there is a God and he is about love why is there a hell? Why is he mad? Why is he jealous if I am told to love like God who loves unconditionally? Why is there war in the name of_____.

Why do you pray? And what do you pray for If You are supposed to be created in Gods image…. Arent you powerful? Knowing you are created in the image of an all powerful universal creator should increase your faith by un-measurable amounts….and yet you sit there unhappy, discouraged and full of fear. What good is religion if it doesn’t bring you happiness.

If I believed in God. I would be happy all the time. Fear would be my bitch because I know who is my essence.

That is the SIMPLICITY of Happiness,

Is it easy? No.

Let me know what you think!