Quit Your Bitching and Moaning

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Quit Your Bitching and Moaning!I often use this and it recently got me in trouble but I will not stop saying it to people. If it offends someone then I guess I am on the right track. I am not saying this statement with the intent to offend anyone… I actually say it with all the compassion my heart can put out there. I love people so much that I want to have an awakening of consciousness to believe in the positivity to overcome challenging moments rather than complain thinking that will be a way of dealing with it. Complaining only adds to the pain and prepares you for more negativity. It is like you addicted to the wrong things that happen in your life. Instead of looking at events that are painful in your life as a negative we need to look at these moments as opportunities to strengthen our resolve and resiliency.
Love is a great answer and it gives us clarity to find a solution in any moment of challenge in our lives. If we start from a place of love then we can repel attacks that are unwarranted. We think we are being attacked intentionally and most times we are just in the line of fire for someone else’s experience. We need to realize that. I agree there is a percentage of moments where people are attacking us personally…. Even then we can respond with love internally first and then outwardly. Internally knowing we are good and no one else’s opinion or attack can be taken personal. Outwardly not being violent and or falling into the mindset they are in.
We have to be a beacon of light showing the world and more specifically our loved ones and those close to us in our daily grind that we are positive beings being courageous fighting for a happiness mindset. Having a happiness mindset takes hard work and consistency. We have to continually know that our perception starts with an acknowledgment and an acceptance of who we are in a current state. We need to live in the (cliché) moment! Yes living in the moment and being mindful that this moment will create tomorrow. If we are in a negative state of mind in the present moment chances are we are creating a negative tomorrow by reaping what we sowed today.
Getting back to the title and my justification for continuing to say what I said….
Quit your bitching and moaning! Because you will plant of seed of negativity in your life and acknowledge that you are what is coming out of your mouth…hence….everything you are complaining about!

Let me know what you think!