What is my Life Purpose?

What is my Life Purpose?

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I am overwhelmed right now with the thought of how to structure my posts and words that I need to use to get more attention from you the reader. I am losing sight of what was the purpose for my blog in the first place. I do research and try to have a relevant post so anyone can understand and it flows. In the end it all doesn’t matter as long as I connect with you. If I am myself, eventually someone will view my writing as relevant and will connect with my thoughts and views. I do not really care whether the masses agree with me. I am speaking and writing on something that will help people. What I write will help the majority. Those who disagree can find someone else they can agree with. I want everyone to find a voice they can relate to because the important thing here is that we find something or someone to connect with that will help us change our mindset into a positive one.

I write from my heart, experiences and what I observe through my readings and conversations with people. I give the wisdom of my soul an outlet to teach people to love and learn how to be happy and have a life purpose. If what little I know is helpful I will be living an abundant fulfilled life. I have been finding out that the search engines are recording record numbers with the phrase “how to be happy”. Can you imagine?! People actually want to be happy. I thought this world was going to hell and a handbasket. I was losing all hope for humanity and was just waiting to die so I can either move on from this body or transition to nothingness. We do not have a choice in the matter. We are certainly going to die. Our waking conscious will stop. We will be out like a broken porchlight. The other side of that has always been a mystery. It isn’t like someone took a camera with them to prove the existence of another dimension that our energy transfers to and our conscious is aware.

Awareness of this reality we are living in and our perception of it is crucial in our lives. Do we just exist and live aimlessly or do we try and find a purpose for ourselves. If there is nothingness waiting for us what would we have to gain for finding purpose? Is it going to get us something in return? If we think that nothingness is waiting for us then there are no morals to worry about nor any fear or guilt. If we know there is nothing then what are we afraid of…? We should be happy. We should live our lives to experience whatever it is we want to and create for ourselves a wonderful experience. It would be selfish of us to disrespect the person next to us and ruin their experience in life if all we have is a one time around and then it is done. It would be horrible of us to create a toxic environment for our fellow human being if there is nothingness after we are finished and they were trying to make the best experience and it was tainted by your negative outlook and perception.

Our choices are clear. If there is nothingness at the end of our experience here then to decide to live a happy and positive life is the best thing to do because all we have is one go around. Experience life with respecting everyone around you feeling good about yourself and understanding that our mortality serves as a reminder that we have to decide correctly once. If we wake up the next day we have to understand we have another chance to be well. To experience amazing.

I truly believe we have been created and there is something and we have a life purpose. I feel connection to this world and everyone in it. I know that there is a something at the end of this. What I have seen and learned has given me a belief in something great.

I write to help you realize that happiness is the best choice to figure out your problems and focus on your life purpose. If you are happy you have a clear mind to help you focus on the answer. I write because I feel in my essence that we have a purposeful life and we need to figure it out, experience joy will open up the doors by attracting people that want to be around you and want to experience life the way you are. I write because my purpose is to help people, I am passionate about it. I am not a perfect person. I do not carry degrees to give me the authority, license nor do I need them in order to love and share to people what I am about. I am me and I love you.

I speak and share from the heart unconditionally. If you want to join me message me. Subscribe to my blog and get updates. Join our forum. Share this blog to everyone you know through your social accounts. We have to start healing from or negative mindset and stop wasting time and FIND your LIFE Purpose!

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