Why Am I Lost?

Why Am I Lost?

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Consistency. Why do we procrastinate? I for one do it because I get side tracked. Is it a conspiracy from SATAN? No… Maybe… But for sure we allow the media and all the different things around us taking us away from what we love to keep our focus on. For instance….. We watch the news right now and what are we seeing? Violence, terrorism, war and so forth. We turn off the TV or internet and we keep thinking of that. We worry. We analyze. We are distracted and then we become complacent. We do not continue. WE become inconsistent. There are so many things that keep us from what our focus is. The main thing is our fears. I have spoken about fears.

Fear is the deciding factor in our daily lives. Either we are too afraid to try or we are too afraid to say no or yes. We are too afraid to make a decision to be happy. We are too afraid we might hurt someone to give ourselves a chance. We are too afraid to stand up for ourselves. We are too afraid to have faith. Faith is a very loaded concept.

Faith is a mindset. We believe something that is not yet there and yet we know with all of our strength and courage that it is there, it will be there and there was never a doubt. Faith should be all consuming. Faith is courageous. Faith is a sign of strength. Faith takes balls. Faith is challenging.

Challenges. Wow. One leads to another. Fear, is overcome by faith, faith takes courage, and challenges are a joke when we apply the aforementioned. What a concept. The question is… What are we having Faith in? God, Some form of God, Ourselves, Ourselves as God (like).

We all have our beliefs. I have mine. All I can opinionate is that we all should have faith in the mindset that whatever it is that created and sustains us as a species in the vast universe, We are cut from the same cloth. As a parent gives life to their child, the child grows up to become just like the parent. We are created from a piece of what created us. If the universe is so powerful, hence we are likewise in that respect. There are mysterious things that happen that we only see through a telescope, but we have our universe inside of us in the micro. We are capable of producing the same energy that the macro universe creates. It has been proven that we are very powerful and yet we are too busy worrying about what is less important. We are distracted from our own truth.

If we only knew as a collective species the amount of pressure we could put on all evil we would have a very happy place to coexist. Instead we live in fear, and that is the distraction that keeps us unhappy. Unhappiness breads a chain of negativity. One dominoes another. It all begins with one soul. Since we are all connected all it takes is one bad disease to infect the rest. The opposite holds just as true. One positive smile is infectious. One good deed is rewarded with a pay it forward mindset. Eventually it becomes contagious. But if we allow fear to cloud our perception then any actions taken will be worthless. We can smile, be happy and blow smoke up our ass believing that we can pretend. But if we do not feel it and believe it truly we will always fail. And failure is not an option if you want to break this negative cycle.

Love. Believe it or not, is the answer. What a cliché. But it is the truth. LOVE! Is what holds us together. If there wasn’t a small amount of love in this world left it would be gone. After you read this (all 3 of you) go love someone. Someone you wouldn’t expect to express it too. Make it meaningful and sincere. A small gesture is huge in someones perception of you not loving them. If you do not understand everything I have written then you are not ready. Your loss. I still Love you.

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