Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression

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Am I depressed or am I Dealing with Depression?

That is a common question people ask me when they come to me for help when dealing with depression. Am I depressed? The question should always be, how can I be Happy? At least when you ask that question you are admitting you are not happy but you know the direction on which to focus on. Happiness. You have won half the battle when dealing with depression. Focus on wanting to be happy. Direct your energies towards that result. Asking, “why am I depressed?” is keeping in the state of mind of being unhappy. 

I am not a psychologist,
life coach nor am I a professional in any field behavioral science. I am a man
that has a passion for helping people and my life is committed to teaching
people how to be happy. My opinions and teachings have no agenda attached to
them other than this is what I want to do the rest of my life to give to
humanity. Right now there is so much suffering in this world that I think all
of us should contribute to the well-being of the world in some way. If the
majority of us will focus a portion of our daily lives towards this there will
be a dramatic change in consciousness.

There is a growing number of suicidal deaths in younger adults dealing with depression.(See Sucide among Youth Here) These individuals have not even given life a chance to develop into beautiful people. They are giving up on themselves. I have read children as young as 12 are taking their lives because of insecurity issues. A considerable percentage of these deaths are attributed to social media bullying. This is horrible. To me the social media aspect is out of my realm of understanding that a fake world is so influential in a young person’s life that they would take their lives. What was a fun activity of staying in touch with their friends turned into a threatening environment, as dangerous as walking in a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night. A virtual bad neighborhood. Weird! But very real along side with the stress of dealing with depression.

This is one aspect of a growing trend of dealing with depression in our world. Another growing area is in affluent adults. People with a lot of money. How the hell can they be unhappy? What triggers that part of them when they have everything? Why are these people dealing with depression? They have amassed a fortune in their careers and yet they seem to believe that they do not have anything. Is it Money cannot buy love? I have helped some individuals that have the financial freedom to go anywhere and be anything they want to be and they are unhappy [py. When posed with the question of why they are unhappy ultimately they give me that answer of being lonely. They alienate themselves from family and friends because they think everyone wants their money. Or in some cases they are ashamed because they are so “successful” they are embarrassed to be around others they know who are not in the financial situation they are in. They are not happy and cannot figure out why people in a lower financial class are more happy and abundant than they are. This fact alone haunts them and they search for external stimuli to replace the emptiness they feel from loneliness. They lie to themselves and surround themselves with superficial people and things as a substitute. This is very shallow and temporary. Eventually they realize the truth and fall in a deeper depression than before. 

First of all You have to “love Yourself” I know this is a cliché statement. This idea is very true. At least you have to accept who you are in your present reality. If you want to change this reality you have to know where you are starting from and focus on where you want to be. So instead of asking yourself “Am I Depressed?” you will start asking yourself “How can I be Happy?” Once this is figured out the work begins. It is hard work! This is a journey that never ends and always continues. When you figure out how experience victories through this work you will be addicted to the results and the problems in your life will seem ridiculous challenges that are overcome with joy. The sad and tragic moments in life will be what they are but you will appreciate the strength you receive from those experiences and can recover quicker. 

As I mentioned before, I
am just a regular person with a passion for helping people. You have decided to
read this far you have connected to some degree with what I have written. I
hope and pray you receive a message that can bring an answer to what you are
searching for. Read my other articles here. My style is very impromptu and
un-edited. I write as I think it and then post the shit out of it.

I Love You! I always have compassion for my fellow man and unconditional love for all the people hurting out there. Sometimes pain and suffering makes us do bad things especially when we are dealing with depression. That is where the unconditional part comes to play. There is a fine line. Only you know where it starts and ends.  

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