How to be Happy – Be Honest With Yourself

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How to be Happy – Be Honest with Yourself

I have not written in this blog since last year in October. Sometimes I feel that people are too busy swiping through all the social media sites and find it hard to spend a few minutes looking at a blog. I was getting ready to delete this platform all together. I decided to take a different approach. I will use this as my journal of life. From this point forward it will be my place to get it all out. If you are currently a reader you will see into my daily thoughts. I hope through this platform and change in my approach it will help you knowing there is someone else that you can relate to.

The platform or philosophy I live by is that of the only thing I can control is my happiness. Since this is the ultimate goal in everyone’s life I figure it is the greatest subject to write about. It is what I teach to colleagues, employees, family, friends and strangers I meet. I have a list of people I work with on an ongoing basis helping them discover something in themselves that they can count on to be happy everyday.

I teach happiness. I am not perfect. I still go through bouts of a little anxiety here and there. I choose to ride through the emotion of it and I know all too well it is not me and does not define me. I just experience the thought and emotion passing through my awakening conscious. This depressed state of mind does not match with my essence nor does my soul relate in anyway to this mindset. It is a bullshit lie. It is a waste of time and energy.

What does annoy me is people that are emotional bullies. People that are controlling for whatever reason. I use to feel sorry for them and want there attention and there approval. For whatever reason I don not know. I am sick of these type of people and I have removed them from my life and I have kept them at bay. I do not feel guilty nor am I sorry I experienced a portion of my life with them. I appreciate all of those relationships because they have shaped who I am today.

If you want to talk about some bullshit we can talk about that type of person. I have tried to reach out to these people and help them with their unhappiness or lack of happiness. Sad to say these type of people are in denial and all you can do is love them and love them from afar sometimes. You can try as much as you want but in the end you have to keep your distance.

Our mental state of mind is the most important because that is what we have control over. We can be the example and show others what happiness looks like but if they do not want to see what is bright in you then there is nothing more you can do. Sometimes it is painful to see someone you love suffer.

Good Luck!


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