How to be Happy – Be Love

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We come into this world full of love and looking for nurturing. We receive the environment that we are born into. During our infantile years we learn to accept our surroundings as the norm. The more we mature towards the adolescent stage we become our environment. Some are special enough to distinguish the two experiences and classify as bad or good on their own based on their soul. The majority are taught to accept the current state as normal. 

Children are more resilient than adults. Children are fearless. Children will accept a task and sprint towards achieving success. They will fall brush off and continue on. They will accept that they have to strap a bomb to their chest and are convinced it is the right thing to do for their innocent senses have accepted the environment as being. They see nothing wrong with what they are taught for they know nothing else. 

I am sure there are other situations where a child is brave and they will do anything to protect loved ones. Anything means giving their own life and they truly believe it is honorable and they are protecting because of it. 

We are love from the beginning. I have an extreme example of how innocence can be manipulated and in the eyes of the innocent there is no wrong. They make a decision and act based on the current state. They do not negotiate or reason. They adhere to the command not out of fear but out of loyalty and love. 

We do not protect our children enough. Instead of thinking positive and encouraging at a maximum level we teach them how to be insecure, fearful. We teach our children the bad habits that we learned that aided to our current state of suffering. 

We should be teaching our children Love. After they learn UNCONDITIONAL Love then everything else falls into place because there will be an absence of fear. 

Teach Love and practice it everyday. Truly believe that Love heals. 

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