How to be Happy – Go Against the Trend

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Letting yourself fall into depression is very easy. In this day and age it is not our fault we are surrounded by so much negative influence. We have a choice though to either fall into  everyone’s beliefs or choose our own. It takes work to stand aside from the trend.

We go to work and there is complaining and regret because people are not happy with where they are at in life. We are around family members and they are feeling the same way. We gather with our friends and the same prevails. This is the norm these days. We almost have to stay in a bubble to avoid this attitude or mindset. We drive on the highways and bi-ways there is the same mindset through their anger displayed by road rage. Unhappy people taking their rage out on the traffic. Where do we escape.

You do not have to run away from all of this thinking. You can be a glimmer of hope and or an example for others to be inspired by. We always have a choice to change the mindset to that of a positive one. It isn’t easy going against the grain. IF you decide to go against what everyone is thinking you will see an instant change in your surroundings. You will be aware of everything around you and be free of the stress of everyday life. If you learn to accept yourself for who you are and love that person in mirror you will feel better.

Guilt will leave your body. You will be able to forgive yourself and others. You will be able to love yourself and others. It always starts with you. You are the catalyst for the change in your life and the life of others in some cases. Whether you know it or not people are watching you always. Watching your every move because they look up to you. Decide to live happy. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

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