I Love You

I Love You

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I hope everyone reading this is finding a way to be happy in life. I sincerely hope with all my love and energy you are all in a place in your life where you know you have control over anything between the cranium in your head. That you have control over the thoughts and perceptions you constantly create. Everything you receive from all of your senses you have the control over how you feel about it.

I write in this blog to reach someone and or anyone that could learn from my words and outlook in life. I have my critics and people that think I am not qualified to give advice or write about happiness. I think that if someone loves themselves enough to help others is more than qualified. If your stated of mind is that of a crazy person and yet you have the love and compassion in your heart to help…then you are qualified. That is my opinion of course. I have my opinion and you have yours. Love is for everyone.

I love you and want to reach out to you. I love you and want you to be happy. That is the purpose of my existence. I want to love everyone the rest of my life. You should have the same purpose in life. You can apply that philosophy towards your passions in life. If you are an artist then you will pour all of your love into your art to express to the world. If you are a doctor then you will pour all of your love into healing people. AND so on…. You get the point. Love one another through your passions.

I love you even though you do not love me. I love you even though you see me as a threat or I annoy you. I love you unconditionally. I love you even though you hate me.

We are so capable of changing our perceptions and yet we hold on to the past, stress out about the future and look past the wonderful things and people we can experience right in front of us. Wake up. I Love you.

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