I Want to be Happy but…..

I Want to be Happy but…..

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I want to be happy but I do not want to work for it. I want
to be happy and I will pay for it. I want To be happy but I need something to
calm me down to help me find that emotion. I want to be happy but I have to
wait for something before I can experience that feeling.

Why can’t we just decide to be happy and experience that
emotion when we want to without waiting for something or an event to stimulate us?
Our mental capacity is capable of creating any emotion on the fly as it is
really happening. We can day dream on the spot that we are experiencing
something and our body will experience the joy or the stress as if it is really
happening. We can experience the elation and joy of a dream as if it is
happening…… Wow what a special gift we have. We can convince ourselves that we
are actually able to achieve something before we actually physically do it. If
we can convince our minds we are able to do it, then we will be ready to do
what it is we aspire when it is time.

I have taught this scientific principle to people when I
only knew the process as a philosophical idea or belief. Over the years I have
been studying the science behind the power of our minds. We have so much power.
There has been extensive research and experimentation. There is factual data to
back up the philosophy now.

I have shown my findings and information to many of the people I help and still a few of them seem to accept and acknowledge this information but still decide to continue with experiencing their pain. Is it an addiction to unhappiness? Are these individuals so insecure that even if they have proof in front of their eyes they cannot believe they can experience it for themselves? What a waste of days in their lives. I feel their pain. I hope they will one day see the truth of the matter. The truth is we do not have to suffer. There is a time to mourn tragedy and be sorrowful. There is a time for experiencing loss. We can and will feel this emotion. We also have to understand that we are in a constant cycle of change. We cannot stop this movement. Energy will constantly move and transform. We have to accept that we are energy and we will transform. 

Our energy is love. Why do we constantly accept what is in
front of us. Why do we continually decide to interpret experiences as “bad” or “good”?
Everything is for the good ultimately. The only way we can perceive our
emotions in a positive light is if we decide and choose what we actually want
in our lives and not settle. Settling for a negative emotion because of
challenging circumstances. Settling for an easy emotion rather than working for
the reward. We choose to let external situations and people interfere with our
true nature which is love. We have an essence about us. We all have the same
source. If we all have the same source why do some struggle and some find ease
in their experience? The people that find ease in their experience have accepted
the fact that they have control over their emotions and their experience. The
people that continue to suffer have no clue that they are powerful and have
decided to just throw away their opportunity to live a day at a time enjoying everyone
and everything around them.

I want to be happy but……… I’m waiting.

Continue to wait.

I want to be happy therefore I am. 

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