Self Medicate Depression

Self Medicate Depression

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We Need Happiness instead of Self Medicate Depression.
I help people realize they are wasting time lamenting over nonsense on a daily basis, what I mean by that is they worry about the bullshit. Why? People believe the reason for our unhappiness is to blame everyone else for our fears. We have pain and suffering, we allow ourselves to go through it and we do not perceive it in a healthy way. We waste our time on the petty stuff. Most people are healthy mentally and yet they conjure up every reason to be sad and justify their self-medication. I self-medicate depression on many different levels. It was self-destructive more than it was beneficial.

Why are we so self-destructive? Is it a conditioning we go through from a very young age? I think our fears turn into anxiety and depression at some point. We then get caught up in this affliction. So many suffer from it, and we need to help one another address it at the core and cause. The cause of depression means different things to everyone. Treating depression should not always be with drugs but with love, compassion and understanding. Loneliness goes along with depression and anxiety. The standard medical treatment is the same. Depression Medication Names like -Ativan, Zoloft, Paxil etc… We can go so many different ways with this subject matter and depression medication. Prescription drugs could be used as a palliative treatment in this condition…..but the core of the problem remains. The individual searches for something harder if there is no follow up to drown out the voices they hear every day.

The question is, how do we administer the love and compassion to someone who is anti-social? That is harder than it sounds. It takes patience and hard work because the person you might be trying to reach has been sad, depressed and alone for a very long time. A person helping this type of individual has to be dedicated and passionate about what they are doing in order not to give up. Once you start helping a person like this it is a commitment and there is no turning back. The whole purpose of helping this person is to regain their confidence in humanity on an organic level. For them to be confident that they are receiving help they have to trust. The credibility will be lost if you walk away after being challenged. Love is at the forefront of this process.

A professional has to be ethical and keep his distance in order to treat. An intimate, family member and or friend will have too much to lose if they falter. So who then??…. Someone with a Love and Passion for this affliction. Someone that has experienced that pain. Someone that is Happy. Someone that is full of joy. Again….let me repeat… Someone that is happy.

It takes a special person to do this kind of work. This person has to be clear of all negativity when they are helping someone in this state of mind. This person has to be so happy to help even the most severe cases because of their devotion to help cure depression. They will take on any insult and not take it personal…and yet they should take it very personal. This type of person cannot follow old antiquated processes and depression treatments. They have to be direct and compassionate.

I want to re-iterate my opinion and make it clear….There are serious cases where medication is needed, but that is only one method for the person being helped to focus. Drugs and depression medication could be very counterproductive.

I am not a doctor, these are my opinions and should not be taken as a prescription for treatment. I am a person that loves people and has a passion for helping. All I can do is share my love through what I think is right for me. Helping.  I love you. Be well always!

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