This is not Goodbye

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My sister is dying. All of the teaching I do for people doesn’t mean shit at this moment. All the bullshit I teach is a foreign language to me. For this moment I want to be selfish and cry. Cry for the pain I will feel. Weeep for the anguish my nieces and nephews will feel after they lose their mother. 

My love for her is unconditional. I love all of my family the same. This woman has overcomed so much in her life. She is a wonderful soul. She is my angel. I reflect in the love she has for me. The unbounded   Endless love I feel from her I know she will always be with me . I can’t fathom being without her alive in my life. She is ready. She wants to rest and be with our loved ones that have left before her. 

I have lost so many people in my life some I have lost and they are still alive. My fear of my own mortality looms everyday and drives my passion for helping people not waste their days contemplating their own fears preventing them from happiness. 

I am calm now. I am thankful. I will spend whatever time there is with her. I will support everyone. I will love unconditionally. I will love eternally. I will exhume love from The tip of my toes to the top of my highest hair follicle from my head. The love I have has to be pure putting aside all the worldly disgust I have for the imperfections I might see in others character only because they remind me how much of a piece of shit I am myself. I will not be a judgemental hypocrite. 

Life is now. Our time to live is now. We have this moment in time to love one another because tomorrow might not come. 

I Love You so much my beautiful amazing big sister! I am on my way. 

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