Why Am I Unhappy?

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Why Am I Unhappy?

Why Am I Unhappy? I am unhappy for the excuses I make to justify feeling unhappy. I wake up every morning thinking of all the things that went wrong yesterday and what is bound to happen today. I think of all the people that are in my way and irritate the crap out of me. I think of the person next to me that does not love me anymore. I am unhappy because I feel sorry for myself and the situation I wake up to every day.
There are so many more countless justifications that I remind myself to keep me to be unhappy everyday all day long. At some point it will drive me crazy …. That is what is called a nervous breakdown.

How did we get this way?

Conditioning from a very young age? Life experience, trauma and or tragedy. There are so many situations that we allow to be responsible for our present day life. We become lazy and blame the easiest available thing or person and loved one. Instead of taking stock and owning the decision we made to be unhappy. You can list a page full of excuses to be unhappy and I can sing the praises of the reasons to be happy.

This is a journey we are on.

We are travelers experiencing different chapters in this wonderful trip we are on. We are writing a story for ourselves. Believe it or not we are in full control of the content. We can either write the story fully in control or we can allow others to have control of our story letting them place us as actors in theirs.
It is really simple to write your own happiness story. That is the only story we should focus on. The SIMPLICITY of Happiness story. We are the authors. We write it and no one else should be responsible for the content except ourselves. We struggle because of fear. We are afraid to be brave and adventurous. Find the hard roads to take. The hard roads are our passions and loves. The things that give us purpose. The situations that bring us joy and happiness. We are afraid to try those things that are perceived as too far reaching.
I have wanted to be a public speaker since I was very young. At one point I wanted to be a priest or a pastor because I thought that was an honorable way of helping people and I can still be standing in front of the masses to encourage and empower. I did that and it was not fulfilling. I did not feel myself. I was more stressed out. I am now a mentor of happiness. I am a Happiness Coach. I am whatever you want to call someone that wants to teach people the SIMPLICITY of Happiness to anyone and everyone.

I have my dream.

I have the reality that I want to transfer from a dream reality to a physical reality. I want to stand in front of hundreds of people at once speaking to their hearts. I thought that this feat was only through a physical sense. How naive I am. I can reach millions by speaking on the internet through different social media platforms. I still offer myself face to face. I want to be available to everyone.
I thought my dream was unattainable. I was not happy because I thought I was not good enough. I convinced myself it was impossible. So I started to believe this for years. One day I realized I can convince myself to believe the opposite. I was a very late bloomer when it came to my artistic ability. I was called an artist for the first time in my life when I was 43 years old. It was amazing. I believed I was an artist. I acted as an artist. Then I was in a gallery and I was thought of as an artist from that day forward. I created my own reality.
You can create your own happiness the same way. Believe, and then just be. Eventually your physical world will catch up to your dreams. Happiness will consume you because you will believe that is what you feel every day. Try it. If you want to know my step by step easy to follow program subscribe to my blog and I will send you the program for free.

I just want to help you be happy.

Let go of the fear and stop letting your life deteriorate. No one person or thing is worth your life if they don’t value you the way you value them.

Let me know what you think!